Venous diseases are a widespread condition. By now every second person is affected. Especially women consider varicose and spider veins disturbing and unattractive. It is often forgotten that in many cases there is a health problem behind the aesthetic one which should be treated competently and quickly!

Therefore venenmed focuses on the aesthetic and the health aspects to the benefit of the patients!

What’s special: venenmed offers highest medical competence and quality and the whole spectrum of vein therapies at the same time:

  • All surgical and minimally invasive vein therapies
  • New as well as innovative and well-proven methods of treatment
  • Diagnostics using duplex sonography (ultrasound blood flow measurement)

Since every patient is unique, we take our time and gladly advise you in detail which type of therapy would be appropriate for you!

Dr. Afshin Assadian
& Dr. Michael Kaulich


Monday 4 to 8 p.m.
& by appointment


Monday to Thursday
2 p.m. to 8 p.m.,
Phone +43 1 890 41 22